Approval for $368m Central Australia phosphate development

A proposed major phosphate mine in Central Australia has received approval to proceed.

Feasibility study shows phosphate project to be low risk and high quality as it readies for the next step

A phosphate project in north west Queensland is said to be ahigh-quality asset with a low technical risk, very low capital requirement and has the potential to provide strong returns.

Green light for NT phosphate prospect

Approval has been granted for a NT resources project to proceed.

Study complete and procurement approaches for $368m NT phosphate project

A key contact has revealed to Projectory that procurement is close for a NT resources project.

Procurement ramping up on NT resources project

A key contact has revealed procurement needs to Projectory for a major NT project.

Major NT phosphate project out for public review

A major NT resources project has achieved a key milestone.

Progress at NT resources project

The development plan is solidifying for a Northern Territory phosphate project.

Timetable revealed for NT phosphate project

The company behind a major Northern Territory resources project has provided an updated timetable of development.

Procurement in one year’s time for Central Australian phosphate project

A key contact has detailed future procurement needs to Projectory regarding a NT resources project.