Pilbara pilot plant completion fuels large-scale rare earths project

A rare earths producer has expedited plans for large-scale processing plant after its pilot process plant is close to being mechanically completed.

Supreme Court ruling paves the way for WA wave park to create supply opportunities and hundreds of jobs

A Perth-based recreational sports has expedited plans to FastTrack its development approval which it says will lead to 300 jobs and a range of supply opportunities when the project is expected to begin in 12 to 18 months’ time.

$940m driverless train project on track for end of year completion

Australia’s second largest iron ore miner has revealed plans to complete its extended anticipated autonomous train plan.

Job opportunities for the South West as local contractor wins lithium engineering works

A WA-owned construction company will employ a team of people to construct four tanks at a South West lithium project.

Jobs and business ops promised for new WA maintenance contract

An integrated engineering contractor has told Projectory its newly awarded maintenance contract in the Pilbara will support the local economy.

Two Perth rail tenders rolled into one to overcome skills shortage

A timetable for procurement for a WA infrastructure project has been revealed.

Plans unveiled for $3.5bn airport upgrade works

A key contact at Melbourne’s international airport has shared with Projectory details of a project that will see $3 billion worth of upgrade words to cope with the increase numbers of passengers passing through.

North Qld duplication project ready to lay pipeline after awarding the civil contract to local firm

Projectory speak to the contractor to reveal further opportunities ahead of their recent contract for civil works.

Opportunities available with SA defence project

Expressions of interest have been called in a defence project in Northern Adelaide.

Procurement plan revealed for $450m Perth construction project

A key contact has revealed the likely primary contractor with a WA construction project.