Central Australia

Contract awarded with Central Australian metals project

A key contract has been awarded with a NT metals development.

Site chosen for NT metals plant

The proponent of a NT resources project has chosen a site from a shortlist of options.

Trio of contracts awarded for NT town revitalisation

A trio of contracts have been awarded on a Northern Territory town revitalisation project.

Key contract awarded for NT processing plant

The primary contract has been awarded for a major Northern Territory hydrometallurgical plant.

Pricing called for contract with $750m NT defence project

Key contacts have spoken to Projectory about their bids for a Northern Territory defence project.

Range of site options for NT processing facility

The proponent of a major metals project has proposed a range of sites for an associated processing facility.

Key study complete on NT metals development

A key study has been completed on a Northern Territory resources project.

Proponent advances NT neodymium project

The proponent of a major Northern Territory resources project is advancing development.

Award of $86m contract at Covid-hit gold mine

A key contract has been awarded at a major NT resources development as it deals with a Covid-19 outbreak.

Contracts awarded on Alice Springs redevelopment

Key contracts have been awarded on a major Northern Territory neighbourhood development plan.