Large-scale manufacturing facility to be epicentre for Queensland’s green hydrogen ambitions

A manufacturing facility to be built in the hydrogen hub of Queensland proposes to become the largest in the world.

Contractor appointed for $25m infrastructure build as part of $460m WA pipeline project

A head contractor has been selected to deliver a $25 million piece of infrastructure that will be part of a $460 million WA gas pipeline project.

Green light given to increase Qld gas production by 50 percent in $40m project

Projectory details plans to lift natural gas production by fifty percent at a Queensland facility creating 100-plus jobs in the process.

Site selected in Central Qld for state’s largest hydrogen production facility

With land secured for a three-gigawatt renewable hydrogen facility in Central Queensland, over 5,000 jobs are to be created.

Central Qld site earmarked for the state’s largest hydrogen production facility with 5,000 jobs on offer

Land has been secured for a proposed green hydrogen project west of Gladstone and will create thousands of jobs over its lifetime, Projectory reports.

Gippsland gas project moves forward

The proposed construction and operation of a pipeline and gas plant that will produce gas from a gas field off the coast of south-eastern Victoria is moving forward, with the project receiving EPA approval, and the Federal Government helping secure funding.

Construction contract awarded to local firm for Qld gas processing expansion

Suppliers from regional Queensland expect to land goods and services contracts as the gas expansion project kicks off, also.