Great Southern

Landmark jetty in WA's great southern region to be demolished and replaced

A project to demolish and replace a landmark jetty in WA's great southern region has reached a key milestone.

EOIs called for $30m Great Southern highway revamp

EOIs have been called in delivering a key component of a regional WA highway development.

Contract awarded for WA renewable energy project

A term sheet has been negotiated for bioenergy and solar company to construct a 3.

Work begins at WA’s Great Southern sporting hub

Construction on a state-of-the-art sporting complex in Albany has started with jobs and investment expected for the town.

Primary contract awarded for Great Southern road project

A key contact has revealed a major project development to Projectory.

Approvals sought for a new industrial hub in WA’s south

Over 12,500 new jobs are expected to be created if an application for approval to construct a future industrial and transport hub is granted.

Design and development begins on $50m WA wave energy project

A key milestone has been achieved by the developer of a WA renewable energy project.

Finance secured for $50m Great Southern wave energy project

A renewable energy producer has secured finance for a pair of innovative Western Australian projects.

500 jobs on offer with health service projects in regional WA

A WA builder will have up to 500 jobs on offer over two years during upgrades to health services in regional WA.