Gold Ore Mining

Proponent of proposed $166m gold mine in Pilbara preparing tenders for all major contracts

The proponent of a proposed gold project in WA's Pilbara with a pre-production capital cost of $116 million and a mine life of nine years is preparing tenders for all major contracts to allow preferred contractor status to be issued with the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) which will lock in the process for the proposed development of the mine next year.

Work ramps up for Tasmanian gold mine reopening

The head of a Tasmanian gold mine, the scene of an accident that famously trapped two miners underground for several days, has told Projectory that significant work is planned to bring the mine back into operation this year.

Victorian copper-gold projects given green light to advance

The Victorian Government has granted two key licences designed to keep a copper-gold project in Victoria progressing, and the head of the project has told Projectory what that could mean for the local mining industry.

Green light for proposed $85m gold-copper project in southern Goldfields-Esperance region with feasibility study imminent

Conditional environmental approval has been given to a private developer proposing to develop a gold project in the southern Goldfields-Esperance region with a capital cost of $85 million.

Infrastructure package awarded with NT gold mine

A contractor working on a major remote area resources expansion has won an additional package with the development.

Victorian gold project expands and ramps up

The head of a gold mine project that has just acquired three additional projects in central Victoria has told Projectory that work is ramping up on all three sites.

Assessment phase for proposed $250m gold project in Central West New South Wales well underway

The assessment phase of a proposed gold project in Central West New South Wales is now well underway with a decision on the Development Application expected in the first half of 2021.

Joint venture partner needed for SA gold prospect

A mining company is on the hunt for partners to develop a gold project in South Australia, as the state cuts exploration fees.

Work to ramp up on Tasmanian gold mine

The proponent of a Tasmanian gold mine has told Projectory that the resumption of gold mining as soon as possible has become the company’s top priority.

Funding secured for metal mine in WA’s Goldfields

A mining company has received a funding injection for its precious metal operation in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region.