Copper Ore Mining

Contract awarded for Tasmanian copper mine rehabilitation

The proponent of a suspended Tasmanian copper mine has appointed a contractor to rehabilitate the mine following its reopening.

Major contract with SA copper mining development

A key contract has been awarded with a South Australian resources project.

Concrete opportunities with SA resources project

Two companies involved with a central Australian resources prospect have separately called for interest from concreters.

Approval for $189m Central Australian copper venture

A key milestone has been achieved by a Northern Territory resources project.

Contract negotiations underway with $916m South Australian copper project

A Western Australian contractor is in discussions with the proponent of a central Australian resources prospect.

Head contractor in place with work underway to restart mine in Queensland Gulf Country

A head contractor is in place and work has begun to recommence mining at a site in the Queensland Gulf Country.

Approval and contract activity with $916m SA copper mine

Final approval has been granted to proceed with a major South Australian mining project.

Copper project planned for the Adelaide Hills

A joint venture has been formed to deliver a South Australian resources project.

Tasmanian Tin Project to ramp up operations

The company behind a Tasmanian tin and copper mine is raising funding to expand its operations.