Copper Ore Mining

Central West NSW mine’s $120m early works go ahead as part of $1.3bn project

Funding has been approved for $120 million in early works to proceed as part of a more than $1 billion mine project in the NSW Central West.

Plans for Gulf of Carpentaria copper development

A key agreement has been achieved for a Northern Territory copper development.

Plant for $600m SA copper expansion

A South Australian copper-gold project will undergo a major shaft expansion to extend the mine’s life.

A copper and nickel mining development proposed in WA expects to get approval

Projectory details a proposal put forth for an open-pit copper and nickel sulphide mine in Western Australia (WA).

Plans detailed for $1bn remote copper and nickel project in goldfields

Plans have been detailed for a copper and nickel project in the remote goldfields region of Western Australia with an estimated capital investment of $1 billion.

Contract awarded for SA mine maintenance

A key contract has been awarded with a South Australian resources project.

Joint venture formed to develop NT copper mine

Two companies have joined forces to develop a Northern Territory resources prospect.

Contract awarded on SA mining project

A key contract has been awarded with a South Australian resources project.

Mining giant injects $26m into Pilbara metal project

A multinational resources company will provide a welcome funding boost for a metal development in WA’s Pilbara region.

Plans underway for NT copper development

A mineral exploration company is raising funds to progress a major Northern Territory copper development.