The Victorian Alps

Design and construct contracts up for grabs on region Victorian pipelines project

The provider of the water and wastewater services to central and northern Victoria has opened the tender for the provision of services for the design and construction of water pipelines throughout the region.

Contract awarded for construction of $100m Victorian military training facility

The construction of a $100 million military training facility in rural Victoria will fortify the local construction industry, as well as modernise the armed forces, and we’ve got details on how your business can be seen by the lead contractor.

Contract awarded for $30m regional Victorian pipeline project

A regional Victorian sewer project, over 100 years old and nearing capacity, is one step closer to being replaced with the awarding of a key contract, and the project director has filled Projectory in on the details.

Contract signed for $38m Victorian prison upgrade

A local regional Victorian construction firm has been awarded to contract to deliver a $40 million prison redevelopment in central Victoria.

Contract awarded for $40m Victorian military wellbeing centre

What you get if you cross a military facility with a wellness retreat, is one step closer to being answered with the awarding of the contract to construct such a project – and we’ve got details on how to get on the contractor and supplier list.

Construction imminent for $160m Victorian medicinal cannabis facility

A regional Victorian town will soon house one of the world's largest medicinal cannabis production facilities, with the Government fast-tracking planning approval, and the project director has provided Projectory with specifics.

Approval granted for $520m Victorian solar farm

Approval has been granted for construction of a 440MW DC solar farm with 100MW battery in central Victoria.

Victorian gold project expands and ramps up

The head of a gold mine project that has just acquired three additional projects in central Victoria has told Projectory that work is ramping up on all three sites.

Victoria’s latest renewable energy project set to begin

Funding has been secured for the construction of a new 85MW solar farm in central Victoria, and with procurement and construction to begin in coming weeks, and we have the details and contacts.

Contract awarded for $60m Victorian town mixed-use development

Work is set to commence on a key component of a $60 million multi-purpose development in a Victorian regional centre, following award of the construction contract.