Far North Queensland

Defence contractor fires off tender for major construction partner to build $30m manufacturing facility in North Qld

Projectory can detail a head contractor role made available for construction to a projectile forging plant in North Queensland and the scope of opportunity through the defence project.

Major project status puts open-cut vanadium mine and hundreds of jobs in the fast lane for north Qld

A project in the minerals province of North Queensland being fast-tracked is set to provide hundreds of jobs along the way, reports Projectory.

Major government project names contractor for $176m expansion upgrade project in north Qld

Projectory reveals plans for the much-needed expansion project with the first phase of construction set to get underway on the north Queensland convention centre.

Rookwood Weir works are underway putting boots on the ground for regional and central Qld workforce and businesses

Projectory reveals current offers as this major north Queensland infrastructure project gets underway with tenders issued for early works trades.

Construction contract awarded to local builder for $31.5m art gallery in north Qld

Construction to a north Queensland art gallery project promises to provide over 180 jobs in construction now afoot with the major contract let to local builder.

$610m funding secured for delivery of pumped hydro storage project in Qld leads to 500 jobs

With early works underway, a funding boost to a North Queensland pumped hydro project means over 500 jobs are to be made available in construction.

Construction imminent following approval for 81MW solar farm in Far North Qld

Projectory can report on the next stage to another large-scale solar farm planned for the Atherton Tablelands within months.

$127m shipping development opens up with dredging works to commence in Qld’s top-end

With a major contract now awarded, Projectory can list the scope of construction and dredging works involved in a port expansion in North Queensland.

Massive $1bn ‘Global Tourism Hub’ in north Qld finds three firms shortlisted for top job

Three shortlisted firms are vying to develop the $1 billion global tourism hub planned for prime-real estate in North Queensland, Projectory can report.

Head contractor selected to deliver much needed $55m upgrade to Qld airport

Projectory can reveal packages still available on an airport project in North Queensland with the contractor selected to deliver the terminal upgrade.