Local firm selected for tug berth construction to increase to North Qld port capacity

Projectory can detail work awarded to a local company for the expansion of a port berthing in north Queensland.

Second major Carmichael contract now let for coal preparation and construction

A contract has been awarded to carry out the design, engineering and construction of a coal preparation plant in Queensland.

Central Qld coal terminal rolls out proposal for a major expansion project aiming to lift capacity rate

The first phases of expansion works to a coal terminal in the south of Mackay are expecting to up capacity towards 100 million tonnes per annum.

A slew of contracts to be let for shiploader and berth associated works at major Qld port

Projectory details where and how to apply for a raft of required trades covering fabrication works and infrastructure construction for a coal loading port in north Queensland.

$1.2b expansion of key Central Qld coal terminal gets boost with State investment

500 jobs are expected to be created in expansion works to up the capacity of a coal terminal following a state investment, reports Projectory.

Infrastructure overhaul for major Qld port to include $17m in wharf and tug berth upgrades

Mackay’s port is to undergo an upgrade to strengthen its capabilities to handle greater loads and diversified trade, reports Projectory.

Large Qld prawn farm forms part of Australia’s northern aquaculture boom with over 600 jobs to offer

Mackay is a step closer to being redeveloped for aquaculture after it was declared a coordinated project this week with the country’s largest aquaculture firm expanding into the region.

Mining contractor secures $2.5B contract extension for coal mine in Queensland’s Isaac region

Projectory can detail a five-year contract for full-service mining operations producing hard coking coal and pulverized coal for injection (PCI) at a Queensland mine.

Qld renewable energy hub wins $2m funding to connect commercial and industrial users to a cheaper resource

A total of $2 million has been secured for a renewable energy hub as part of the Federal Government's plan to secure affordable energy for commercial and industrial users.