Resources Projects

Preferred contractor named for EPC role at $177m gold mine development in Eastern Goldfields

A preferred tenderer has been revealed for an EPC Conctractor role at a gold mine development in WA’s Eastern Goldfields.

Upgraded DFS for NT lithium prospect

The feasibility study for a NT resources project has been upgraded on the back of increased ore reserves.

New milestone for Qld coal mine brings construction close with 1,000 jobs on offer

Once approved, a major metallurgical coal project is anticipated to create up to 1,000 new jobs in Queensland, Projectory reports.

A breakdown of trades and services revealed for a transmission link to major Qld hydro project

Projectory reveals a detailed breakdown of construction trades and services required to build a major transmission line to Queensland’s largest hydro project.

Dugald River zinc operation to be kept cool with refrigeration project

$20 million has been invested into water-cooled refrigeration which is imperative for zinc mining production at a major Queensland-based site.

Miner awards $101m EPC Contract for expansion project in WA’s North Eastern Goldfields

A $101 million EPC Contract has been awarded for the expansion of a mining facility in WA’s North Eastern Goldfields.

Long lead procurement for Eyre Peninsula kaolin project

The proponent for a South Australian resources project is set to complete a key study into development and begin early procurement.

Capex of $675m for SA iron development

A key study has put a pricetag of up to $675 million on a south Australian iron ore project.

Key study complete on NT metals development

A key study has been completed on a Northern Territory resources project.

A copper and nickel mining development proposed in WA expects to get approval

Projectory details a proposal put forth for an open-pit copper and nickel sulphide mine in Western Australia (WA).