Black Coal Mining

Approval for $84m open cut mine with opportunities in NSW Hunter region

Planning approval has been granted for an $84 million open cut coal mine in the Hunter region of NSW that will create supplier and subcontractor opportunities.

Plan for $509 million coal mine in NSW Hunter region

A proposal is afoot for a $509 million coal mine in the Hunter region of NSW with a key contact outlining to Projectory the best course for interested suppliers and subcontractors.

Milestones reached breathes new life into Central Qld coking coal expansion project

Contracts have been released for operations at a Central Queensland mine site with extension plans approved.

Plan unveiled for $75m coal project in NSW Hunter region, opportunities to come

A proposal for a $75 million coal project in the Hunter region of NSW has been unveiled, a key contact telling Projectory it will “definitely” create supplier and contractor opportunities.

Mining lease granted for $805m coal mine on NSW Central Coast with opportunities

A mining lease has been granted for a proposed $805 million coal mine on the NSW Central Coast, paving the way for construction to begin on a project that will create supplier and contractor opportunities.

Large-scale metallurgical coal producer in Qld Bowen Basin gearing for tier one tender

Projectory has attended a supplier meeting with a large-scale coal producer before tenders are invited for a metallurgical coal plant in Queensland’s rich Bowen Basin.

Construction to commence immediately on highly controversial multi-billion dollar Qld coal mine once approvals are made

Projectory details what’s to come after timelines to finalise two key decisions for Queensland’s most controversial coal mine have been announced.

Qld gives the go-ahead to a metallurgical coal project in Rocky making way for over 1,000 local jobs

Projectory can confirm thousands of job opportunities for Issac Region residents as a new coal project gets greenlighted.

Additional jobs on offer as Qld coal mine receives approval for expansion project

Given the approval for expansion to the site, further jobs are afoot for a coal mine expansion in Queensland’s Western Downs region, Projectory reports.

NSW coal producer to ramp up production

Australia’s largest pure-play coal producer has launched a feasibility study to determine the extent of growth for its New South Wales mine – and a company source has filled Projectory in on the plans for expansion.