Black Coal Mining

Qld-based firm scores Adani rail network contracts worth over $40m

Projectory can reveal the two major contracts released and the awarded firm prior to commencement of procurement and early works activities.

Civil works contractors to undertake activities at metallurgical mine at Bowen Basin, Qld

Projectory can report that a $35 million contract civil works has been awarded for a Queensland seaborne metallurgical coal mine project.

Adani’s Carmichael rail project lets major rail contract for installation works worth $100m

Projectory can detail dates leading to the procurement phase of a North Queensland gauge railway delivery contract just awarded.

$200m mining contract extended for two years to continue servicing Qld coal mine

Projectory can detail job opportunities to be had with the recent award of pre-strip and overburden removal works at a Queensland coal mine.

Newly opened Bowen Basin coal mine invites 850 jobs to Qld for staged works to bring the mine to capacity production

Opening of a new coal mine open in the Bowen Basin is set to provide 850 jobs during expansion works and in operations.

Works to continue as $1.3b contract extension is awarded at Bowen Basin coal mine

A gigantic contract extension allows services to continue in north Queensland which includes run of mine and operation and maintenance of an ultra-class trucking fleet.

Approval for $84m open cut mine with opportunities in NSW Hunter region

Planning approval has been granted for an $84 million open cut coal mine in the Hunter region of NSW that will create supplier and subcontractor opportunities.

Plan for $509 million coal mine in NSW Hunter region

A proposal is afoot for a $509 million coal mine in the Hunter region of NSW with a key contact outlining to Projectory the best course for interested suppliers and subcontractors.

Milestones reached breathes new life into Central Qld coking coal expansion project

Contracts have been released for operations at a Central Queensland mine site with extension plans approved.

Plan unveiled for $75m coal project in NSW Hunter region, opportunities to come

A proposal for a $75 million coal project in the Hunter region of NSW has been unveiled, a key contact telling Projectory it will “definitely” create supplier and contractor opportunities.