Exotic Metals

Long lead procurement for Eyre Peninsula kaolin project

The proponent for a South Australian resources project is set to complete a key study into development and begin early procurement.

NT lithium project signs energy deal

A key contract has been signed for a NT lithium project’s energy needs.

Proponent advances NT neodymium project

The proponent of a major Northern Territory resources project is advancing development.

Expanded DFS for SA kaolin project

The scope for a major South Australian resources project has expanded, as the proponent details a development timetable.

Plans detailed for construction and operation of $500m rare earths processing facility and by-product storage facility in Kalgoorlie

Construction of a $500m Rare Earths Processing Facility (REPF) and By-product Storage Facility (BSF) in Kalgoorlie could start as early as August.

Deal sealed for $100m Eyre Peninsula kaolin project

A key deal has been struck for a South Australian resources project.

Gladstone manufacturing facility fast-tracked with construction to commence this year

Construction of a $308 million processing plant in Gladstone is set to start in Q4, this year, reports Projectory.

Pricetag of $1bn for NT neodymium project

A key study has been completed on a Northern Territory resources project.

Trades needed on SA metals mine

A construction company has alerted Projectory to an opportunity with a South Australian mining project.

FEED model chosen for NT resources project

The proponent of a major NT resources project has elected to pursue a front-end engineering design (FEED) development model.