Brown Coal Mining

Victorian Magnesium processing plant ready for construction

With 40 per cent of the engineering and early works completed on a Victorian magnesium extraction plant, main works are expected to commence soon – the project engineer has taken us through the continuing procurement process as well as timings.

Queensland tenders new this week

Queensland government tenders new this week.

$660m contract awarded to service one of Qld’s major mine sites

A mining contract awarded to service an underground coal mine is a major milestone for the Queensland operation.

Mining contractor secured for $200m Dawson Mine operation in central Qld

Projectory can reveal a slew of jobs made available with operations due to commence this July at an opencast coal mine in central Queensland.

Central Qld coal terminal rolls out proposal for a major expansion project aiming to lift capacity rate

The first phases of expansion works to a coal terminal in the south of Mackay are expecting to up capacity towards 100 million tonnes per annum.

$1.2b expansion of key Central Qld coal terminal gets boost with State investment

500 jobs are expected to be created in expansion works to up the capacity of a coal terminal following a state investment, reports Projectory.

EPC contract and CHPP upgrade secured for facility expansion to major Qld mine

Following a feasibility study conducted in February of this year, a contract for works now been awarded at a prominent mine in Central Queensland.

Energy conglomerate opts in for coking coal joint venture in the Bowen Basin

Projectory details a new joint venture agreement for a major coking coal project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin region as finance is met to proceed.

Approval for $24m residential development in Sydney’s east

Planning approval has been granted for the construction of a $24 million residential development in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Adani awards $35m-plus quarry contract to local north Queensland firm

Projectory can reveal the latest award to a North Queensland firm for material supply and quarry operations as part of a $35 million-plus package.