Tenders go out for major road construction and intersection upgrades on Bruce Highway

Companies have been invited to tender for major road construction and intersection upgrades on the Bruce Highway, north Queensland.

Operations to commence works on north Qld port upgrade with arrival of Australia’s largest backhoe dredge

A 65m-long backhoe dredge has arrived in Townsville to begin work on a $232 million port channel upgrade, Projectory can report.

$24m rail initiative rolled out by Glencore to transport copper and zinc through Qld

A fleet of rolling stock transport has been secured by the mining giant to help export product through Townsville and regional Queensland, Projectory reports.

Aircraft maintenance base gets lift-off inside eco precinct to be built in regional Qld

Projectory details the awarded companies and construction timelines to deliver a major eco-industrial precinct in Townsville, Queensland.

On firmer ground lobster farm expansion expects to net a thousand jobs for north Qld

With a freehold granted, a lobster farm in north Queensland can begin investing into expanding production and its workforce.

Major water project for Qld releases trio of packages to local tender

Local businesses are being encouraged to bid for three new tenders to duplicate a pipeline through Townsville, Queensland, Projectory reports.

Qld mining operation offers new-to-industry recruits haul truck traineeships

60 regional new-to-industry recruits from Queensland are being offered a career in the mining industry through paid truck hauling traineeships, reports Projectory.

First tender released for Stage 2 of major Qld pipeline project in Townsville

The second stage of the Haughton Pipeline Project has been funded an additional $195 million as it enters the tendering phase with construction soon to follow.

First tenders called in $45m pipeline project much needed for flow of north Qld water

The first of a number of tenders has been called for a $45 million pipeline project in Townsville, Queensland.

North Qld race track gets fast-tracked federal funding to commence

With funding secured, construction can now commence on a major race track in Townsville, Queensland.