Max Opray

Procurement advances for NT mining development

The proponent of a major Northern Territory resources project is advancing procurement with key works for the development.

Quotes called for Adelaide stadium upgrade contract

A raft of builders have advised Projectory that they are bidding for a South Australian stadium upgrade and are seeking quotes from suppliers.

Pair of milestones for $560m NT iron development

A Northern Territory resources project has achieved two key milestones.

Primary contract awarded with $245m Eyre Peninsula energy project

The primary contract has been awarded with a South Australian energy development.

Contractor chosen for NT gold expansion

A preferred contractor is in line for a key role on a Northern Territory resources project.

EOIs called for Adelaide stadium upgrade

A key contact has detailed an opportunity to Projectory with a South Australian construction project.

Major NT solar export project prioritised

A major Northern Territory renewable energy project has achieved a key milestone.

SA graphite project achieves key classification

A major South Australian mining project has achieved a key level of approval.

Key milestone for SA iron ore development

A major South Australian iron ore project has achieved a key milestone.

EOIs called for Adelaide redevelopment

Expressions of interest have been called in a major South Australian redevelopment project.