Construction underway on $3.6bn navy program

A key milestone has been achieved for a $3bn defence project.

Opportunities available to Australian businesses to support $255m submarine rescue service contract

The program director providing a submarine rescue service capability for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has outlined opportunities for Australian businesses to be involved in the project.

Stage one of $1.64bn Townsville Port Expansion ready to begin construction

Projectory can reveal the timeline to early work and the various stages to tendering as they roll out on the Townsville port project.

Contractor selected for SA defence project

The preferred contractor has been chosen for a major South Australian defence project.

Orders begin with SA shipbuilder

A shipbuilding company has begun ramping up work in Australia.

WA shipbuilder leaves $3.6bn defence project

A key participant in a major defence project has withdrawn from the project.

Contract awarded on $3.6bn defence project

A key contract has been awarded with a major navy project.

Contract awarded with $3bn defence project

A key contact has been awarded with an Australian defence project.