Max Opray

EOIs close soon with SA road development

Expressions of interest close soon with a major South Australian road development.

Construction underway on SA solar array

Works have begun on a major South Australian solar project.

Overpass spans ready for $354m SA roads development

A major South Australian infrastructure project is approaching a key milestone.

EOIs called for Adelaide roadworks

Expressions of interest have been called for part of a Adelaide road development.

Primary contract awarded with Darwin university development

The primary contract has been awarded with a Northern Territory construction project, according to a key contact.

Landmark battery storage development for SA

A landmark battery storage project has been announced for South Australia.

Key contract awarded with SA navy project

A key contract has been awarded with a South Australian defence project.

EOIs called to seal remote South Australian track

Expressions of interest have been called in a major South Australian infrastructure project.

Trades opportunities with SA maintenance contracts

A key contact has detailed a host of subcontracting opportunities with South Australian maintenance work.

Funding granted to advance SA energy infrastructure

Funding has been granted to allow the advancement of a South Australian energy project.