Oil and Gas Extraction and Production

WA company awarded major project status for northern LNG plan

A Perth-based LNG company is developing a ready-made gas production and sales solution for owners of gas stranded off Australia Transborders Energy has been awarded significant project status by the Federal Government to partner with Asian LNG buyer to undertake a joint study to ready their 1.

Agreement reached for NT offshore gas project

A key agreement has been reached with a NT resources project.

Work ramping up on WA LNG project

Plans are in the works to accelerate development of a major offshore gas field.

Marine company touts decommissioning project for WA’s north

An international marine company is looking to use its expertise to develop an innovative oil rig decommissioning project.

Second stage of Australia’s $69bn resources project to create hundreds of jobs

Much-needed WA jobs boost likely after an energy giant announced the second stage of Australia’s biggest resources project.

WA oil and gas giant to develop the northern gas field

A WA-based petroleum company has committed to developing the Scarborough gas fields by taking a majority stake, a move which could see it spend up to $15.

Contractor proposes onshore pipeline facility for WA’s north

A subsea company to construct and operate an onshore pipeline bundle fabrication facility for use in the development of offshore gas fields.

LNG contract awarded to power Murchison gold mine

A key contract has been awarded with a WA resources project.

LNG company plans significant pipeline and infrastructure for the North West

A WA oil and gas company has commenced studies on a multi-billion-dollar pipeline and truck loading project.