Construction Projects

Japanese-Singaporean joint venture to develop $2b multi-use development project in Sydney

A Japanese-Singaporean joint venture is proposing to develop a $2b eco-friendly multi-use development project in central Sydney.

Subcontracting process for packages underway for $125m immigration detention centre

The contraversial $125 million immigration detention centre near Northam has attracted overwhelming interest from local suppliers and service providers.

Tender out in Q3 for construction contractor: multi-storey residential development in Docklands

The tender for a construction contractor for a two-tower multi-storey residential development at Docklands worth $150 million is expected for release in the third quarter of 2011.

Contractor and property developer to deliver 979 units at military bases in Qld, Vic and ACT

A major contracting and property development business will build deliver 979 units at various military bases in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT worth about $247 million.

Cement supplier proposes construction of $175m grinding mill at Outer Harbour of Port Kembla

A major cement supplier is proposing to build a $175 million grinding mill on Old Port Road at the Outer Harbour of Port Kembla.

Planning authorities reviewing plans for $416 million City One development at Wynyard Station

Planning authorities are reviewing plans for the proposed $416 million City One development at Wynyard Station.

McConnell Dowell favoured for $200 million Young to Wellington Gas Pipeline pipeline contract

McConnell Dowell is likely to win the construction contract for a $200 million pipeline project from the Young gas Hub centre on the Moomba to Sydney pipeline to the Wellington power station.

Planning underway on proposed $700 million multi-purpose sports stadium at Burswood Peninsula

The departmental project director for the proposed $700 million multi-purpose sports stadium on the Burswood Peninsula has outlined the early path of planning for the project.

Malaysian company proposes $210m, 25 storey single tower apartment complex in Melbourne CBD

A Malaysian company has chosen a preferrred construction contractor to develop a $210 million 25 storey single tower apartment complex in the Melbourne CBD.

Office property developer lodges plans for new office tower in Perth’s Central Business District

An office property developer has lodged plans for a new office tower in Perth’s Central Business District.