West Coast

Tasmanian nickel mine to restart production leading to jobs and supplier opportunities

A senior advisor for the owners of a currently idle Tasmanian nickel mine has told Projectory that the company in line to purchase the project will restart production as soon as possible, leading to jobs and supplier opportunities.

Testing of samples from $70m Tasmanian gives green light to iron ore production

The managing director of a Tasmanian copper and iron ore mine has given Projectory an update on its status.

Approval for $122m dairy expansion in Tasmania

The CEO of one of Tasmania’s oldest dairy producers has spoken to Projectory about the procurement process for the $122 million expansion of its dairy in the northwest of the state.

First load of gold ore shipped from Tasmanian mine

The first load of gold ore has been shipped from a Tasmanian mine.

Tasmanian $30m iron ore mine project commences operation

A Western Australian miner is set to ship it’s first load of iron ore from its Tasmanian mine this month, following the installation of all infrastructure.

Tasmanian mine life set to be extended after major resource discovery

A pre-feasibility study has revealed expanded iron ore deposits at an existing mine on Tasmania's west coast thought to be nearing the end of its life.

Approval sought for new open cut coal mine in Tasmania

Approval is being sought for a new open cut mine near Hamilton in Tasmania.

Tasmanian $30m iron ore mine project back on track

A Western Australian company is due to start mining ore at its Tasmanian site next month after the new environment minister re-approved the proposal .

Tarkine iron ore mine given the green light

Approval has been granted for a new iron ore mining project in Tasmania.

Contract awarded for $185m Tasmanian eco-resort

The contract has been awarded for the construction of a $185 million eco-development in Tasmania’s far northeast coast, which will include a golf course, five-star accommodation and its own airstrip.