Southern Tablelands

Proposed $42m gold mine in NSW Southern Tablelands to proceed following legal challenges

A $42 million proposed gold mine in the Southern Tablelands will proceed despite legal challenges against the project.

Infigen aims for $180m Capital II wind farm construction to begin in late 2012

Infigen Energy is expecting that construction of the $180m Capital II wind farm will commence in late 2012.

Construction approval for $180m Capital II Wind farm near existing farm in Southern Tablelands

Approval has been granted for the construction and operation of a new $180 million wind farm at Bungendore in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

Cortona Resources receiving strong interest in proposed Dargues Reef Gold Mine project

Cortona Resources has advised Projectory that suppliers and contractors need not rush to express interest in its Dargues Reef Gold Mine project.

Opportunities to flow at Majors Creek Gold Mine following Federal Government approval

Opportunities for local suppliers and contractors are expected following Federal Government approval for the Dargues Reef Gold Mine Project.

Leed Engineering and Construction awarded $54m Highlands water pipeline project near Goulburn

Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd has been awarded the tender for the Highlands Source Project near Goulburn.

Final approval given for Cortona Resources' Dargues Reef Gold Mine Project near Braidwood

Final approval has been given for the Dargues Reef Gold Mine Project at Majors Creek near Braidwood in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

Sydney-based wind farm developer seeks approval for additional wind farm at Bugendore

A Sydney-based wind farm developer is seeking approval to develop a $180m wind farm comprising 100 MW of turbines alongside an existing farm at Bugendore.

TriAusMin to review financing options in Q3 CY2011 for Woodlawn Re-treatment Project, Tarago

TriAusMin will most likely assess in Q3 CY2011 financing options for its Woodlawn Re-treatment Project (WRP) in Tarago following completion of Front End Engineering & Design (FEED).