Procurement for $230m Perth infrastructure project expected to begin within months

A multinational construction company, design consultancy and professional services firm have together won the head contract for a $230 million infrastructure development in Greater Perth.

Primary tender awarded for Perth infrastructure development worth more than $386m

A multinational construction company, infrastructure engineering firm and design consultancy have together won the head contract for a Perth infrastructure project worth more than $386 million.

Preferred bidder named for $216m infrastructure upgrade in Perth

A mining services company and a diversified engineering and infrastructure provider are first-in-line for infrastructure development in Perth worth a combined $216 million.

Tenders expected to be called within weeks for $505m infrastructure upgrade in Perth

Prospective contractors will soon be invited to bid for a $505 million arterial road expansion in Greater Perth’s eastern suburbs.

Early tender awarded for $256m health development in Perth

A multinational construction company has won initial work on a $256 million private health upgrade in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Multiple tenders shortlisted for $1bn major infrastructure developments in Perth

Seventeen contractors have a chance to share in more than $1 billion of infrastructure projects across Greater Perth.

Multiple tenders awarded for Pilbara mining projects worth more than $100m

An integrated multi-disciplinary service provider has been awarded multiple contracts for a variety of resources projects across the Pilbara region.

Procurement likely to begin within months for $2bn chemical project in Perth Basin

An oil and gas company expects to call tenders in mid-2021 for a chemical development worth more than $2 billion in WA’s Perth Basin.