Feasibility study into $100m solar facility in North Queensland

The Federal government has given the nod for a feasibility study in to a $100m Solar Energy Park which will generate electricity from new sources, including solar thermal.

International energy giant receives planning permission for solar PV plant in Mildura

A German energy giant has received planning permission for a 5MW solar photovoltaic power plant in Mildura.

Approval for $40m 30 MW solar farm near Kerang

Council approval has been granted for plans for another 30MW solar farm to be constructed near Kerang, Victoria.

Go-ahead for $50m 30-MW photovoltaic solar power facility project near Kerang

The construction of a major solar power project near Kerang has been approved.

Plan for a $102 million, 45 to 116 MW capacity wind farm in NSW Southern Highlands

A $102 million wind farm, with a capacity of between 45 and 116 megawatts, is proposed to be built in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Consortium remains committed to solar power despite closure of $1.3bn Qld project

The Solar Dawn Consortium remains committed to Australia’s large-scale concentrated solar power industry (CSP) but will not  be pursuing its $1.

Plans for a $200m, 53Mw ‘Flagship’ solar plant to be built in Far Western NSW

A $200 million, 53 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant is planned to be built in western NSW as part of the ‘Solar Flagships’ program.

Supply storage contract awarded for $46m Bass Strait energy project

An Australian company has been awarded the contract to construct a large-scale battery system for Hydro Tasmania’s massive renewable energy project in Bass Strait.

Go ahead given for construction of $500m solar plant in Victoria

The Victorian government has approved a $10 million grant to ensure construction of the world’s biggest solar plant.