Defence Projects

Contracts awarded to local shipbuilders

A pair of key contracts have been awarded to a pair of Australian shipbuilding companies.

EOIs called for $50bn SA defence project

Expressions of interest have been called with a range of packages with a major defence project.

Tendering underway for key contracts on $5.3bn Western Sydney transport project

Tendering processes have commenced for key contracts related to the $5.

Major win for Qld with Industrial military contract awarded to local companies

Several regional companies are set to earn greatly from the recent tenders awarded to Queensland-based defence contractor with more to come Projectory learns.

Contract awarded with Adelaide defence project

A key contract has been awarded with a South Australian defence project.

Primary contract awarded on $1.2bn northern radar venture

The primary contract has been awarded on a major defence project.

WA shipbuilder awarded $68m Japanese ferry contract

A Henderson-based shipbuilder has won a lucrative contract to build a giant jet-propelled ferry for Japan’s Olympic Games in 2020.

Port expansion passes significant milestone into next stage of development

The expansion of a major North Queensland port has passed another milestone in delivering the necessary construction.

EOIs called as $700m Adelaide submarine contract awarded

A key contact has been locked in for a South Australian defence project.

Primary contractor locked down for $3bn WA/SA defence project

Procurement protocol has been detailed to Projectory following agreement between the Federal Government and primary contractor for a multi-state defence project.