Infrastructure Projects

Contract awarded for $30m road bridge project in NSW New England region with opportunities

A key contact has told Projectory that supplier and subcontractor opportunities will result from the award of a $30 million lead contract for a road bridge project in the New England region of NSW.

Wave Park managing director updates Projectory on local project ops

A Perth-based wave park company has told Projectory its definitive plans to use WA expertise building Perth’s new $28m facility.

Contractor appointed for $40m bridge construction project in Sydney’s north

A construction contractor has been appointed to build a $40 million pedestrian/cycle bridge in northern Sydney.

Approval granted for $70M Melbourne rail freight project

The green light has been given to construction of a $70 million rail project, which will see freight hubs in Melbourne’s north and west connected to the Port of Melbourne.

Contractors shortlisted for $375m Melbourne freeway construction project

Two consortiums are being considered for the construction of a $375 million project to construct a freeway in Melbourne’s southeast, and the project director has provided Projectory with details about reaching a major milestone.

Fertiliser plant installation planned for 2019

An explosive manufacturer will install nine heat exchangers at its half-owned northern fertiliser plant.

$29m gas pipeline contract up for grabs for WA minerals project

A WA sulphate of potash producer will release a tender to build a gas pipeline to its project in coming months.

Contractor chosen for road upgrade project on NSW Central Coast

A contractor selected to carry out a road upgrade project on the NSW Central Coast has told Projectory that opportunities will be created.

Contract awarded for $170m stage of Western Sydney road upgrade project, opportunities to come

A contract has been awarded for a $170 million stage of a Western Sydney road upgrade project, with opportunities as a result.

Contract awarded, 2018 start for $105m Western Sydney road upgrade

A lead contractor has been appointed to a $105 million road upgrade project in Western Sydney, with work due to commence before year’s end.