Infrastructure Projects

Contract awarded for part of US$2.6bn iron ore project in the Pilbara

An integrated services contractor has won a tender for part of a metal project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region worth billions of dollars.

Head contract awarded for $40m metal mine expansion in WA’s Goldfields

An engineering contractor has won the primary tender for a $40 million gold mine expansion in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region.

Construction phase in early 2021 for $80m new train station south of Perth

A Federal Government funding commitment has paved the way for construction of an $80 million new train station south of Perth.

Contract awarded for $30m package on major Sydney motorway project

A contract valued at $30 million has been awarded for a package of works as part of a major Sydney motorway project.

Shortlist revealed for $2bn-plus road project in Sydney

The shortlist of candidates for the lead role in a $2 billion-plus road project in Sydney has been revealed.

Plans and requirements detailed for passenger rail infrastructure project north-east Perth CBD

Plans have been detailed for the construction and operation of a 9km dual passenger railway track in Perth's north eastern suburbs including two new stations with intermodal rail, bus, carpark and cycling and walking facilities at each station and turnback facility.

Major upgrade to arterial highway in Perth slated for construction from mid-2020 to end of 2023

An upgrade to a major arterial highway linking the south-east corridor of Perth with the north-east and north-west corridors of the metropolitan area is expected to begin in mid-2020.

Primary contract awarded with northern Adelaide road project

A key contract has been awarded with a $20m South Australian infrastructure project.

Head contract awarded for $165m solar powered metal mine in the Pilbara

An integrated services company has won the primary tender for the nation’s first metal mine to be fully powered by renewable energy in Western Australia’s Pilbara.

Primary tender awarded for $37.5m development in South West WA

A local construction contractor has won the head contract for a $37 million property project in Western Australia’s South West region.