Kirk Wallace

Tallest tower in the southern hemisphere to begin at Southport

Gold Coast developers are planning to build the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere in the heart of Southport.

$5.4b Cross River Rail back on track

Construction has begun on a major rail project in Brisbane.

New design and construction EOI for Gold Coast cultural precinct bridge project

The procurement contact for a Gold Coast project has spoken to Projectory following release of an EOI seeking tenderers related to early stages of the project.

Further contracts awarded for stage 1 of $1b Gold Coast project

New contracts have been awarded to local industry for Stage 1 of the new town centre property project on the Gold Coast.

Approval for 250MW solar farm in southern Queensland

Local government officials have spoken to Projectory about a new solar farm in Queenland’s Western Downs region that recently received regulatory approval.

$56m ferry terminal approved for Far North Queensland hoped to turn tide on tourism

The Queensland Government has approved a $56 million ferry terminal in Townsville with construction expected to commence mid-2018 allowing for the employment of over 80 jobs during the tenure of its 18-month period.

Australia’s largest wind farm at with capex of $850m mooted for Darling Downs

Queensland is primed to scale its energy resources across the state with a large wind farm project.

North Queensland stadium job promises locals 80 per cent

Construction of the new $250 million North Queensland Stadium has gained traction for Townsville with local businesses scoring the lion’s share of trade.

$150m clean energy project powers North Queensland

Interest has lit up toward the $386 million plan to secure long-term power for North Queensland through a clean energy infrastructure.