Contract Administrator

Full Time - Posted on June 29, 2022

Fancy joining a team that’s happy and enjoying the work they do?

The Construction Manager described the team as feeling like everyone is pulling in the right direction and kicking goals. It’s an exciting place to work.

Having won three commercial projects in the $1-5m, you will start work under a recently promoted Project Manager who also started as a CA in the business. There’s an opportunity for you to do the same over the next year or so if desired.

The office is in a prime location close to all transport links in St Kilda East. It’s not expected that you will come to the office every day. It’s up to you; naturally, for the first few months, you might want to as you will gain an understanding of processes and projects. As your confidence and expertise grow, you will manage your workload.

The business director wants his employees to come to work and feel part of something where everyone is aiming for the right goals. He still has a hand in projects, carries out business development and leads reviews. 

The team meets every Monday to set project priorities for the week. The Project Manager and CM are on hand for you to bounce ideas off. You will always have someone as a sounding board to help you with your work.

You will immediately start work on a garage, new build and a medical centre, therefore, it’s expected that you will have commercial contract admin experience. 

The salary range for this role is up to a $120k package.